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Everything you need to know to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Locking up the house

  • The doors and windows are to be locked whenever you leave the domain.
  • You can lock the doors by turning the handle upwards, then turn the key.
  • If you open the windows, please turn the heating devices off.


  • There are two parking spaces to the left and right of the main entrance gate to the farm. Your car is parked safely here, away from the street. Please use this car park if possible to avoid any inconvenience on the street.
  • Please limit yourself to a maximum of 4 cars.

Conditions of payment and deposit

  • Upon reservation you pay 20% of the total amount for your stay + 150 EUR deposit.
  • Not later than 2 weeks before your arrival, you pay the balance of 80%.
  • The deposit sum will be transferred to your account after your stay, if the final check-up of the accommodation reveals it is clean and there are no damages.
  • If you cancel your reservation, the deposit will be returned to you. The advance payment (20% until 2 weeks before your stay, 100% if less than 2 weeks before your stay) remains acquired as a cancellation recompense for the proprietors.


  • Only the people whose name was passed in advance, are allowed to stay in the holiday home.
  • Visits should be announced to the owners and are not allowed to spend the night in our property.Visitors are requested to leave the premises no later than 11 pm.
  • In the event more people stay on our property than was specified, a surcharge will be charged which is at least the amount of the deposit.

Contact with proprietors (Geertrui)

  • Geertrui is always happy to help and assist if you need information or if there is any problem.
  • To get in touch with her, please ring the intercom at the main entrance (at the streetside). You can also call her at (32) or 0497.28.54.42.


  • The courtyard of the farm and the cottage garden beyond the white-green gate (where the bake-house and the garden wall are) are private and not accessible.
  • There is a signposted walking trail in the domain indicated with red arrows. Please follow this trail and stay on the paths. Special caution is called for at the pond and the brook. The banks are boggy and may crumble here and there; children should be accompanied by their parents.
  • Every gate that is opened, should be closed again immediately. Part of the domain is grazing territory for the farmer’s cows.


  • Please do not feed the donkeys or the sheep, it is not good for their health.
  • Please note there is electricity on the meadow fence.
  • Please do not let the cats into the house, no matter how sweetly they try to persuade you.


  • You can bring your own bicycles, there is a roofed bicycle shed.
  • There is an outstanding tandem for hire (Sparta Twixion, 21 speeds) for 25 euro/day.
  • There are bikes for hire at the tourist service of Gavere


  • Please do not use a radio outside. Your holiday home is in the Munkbosbeek valley, where sounds are amplified easily.
  • Please respect the silence after 11 pm and before 9 am.

Wood fire and barbecue

  • To stoke up the fire, please use only the wood that we provide free of charge (it is dry, good quality wood).
  • The doors of the fireplace and stove are to remain closed at all times.
  • A barbecue is at your disposal, the charcoal you have to provide yourselves. Please make sure the barbecue and all materials are cleaned after use.

Jeu de boules, playground and terraces

  • There is a jeu de boules lane, which may be used by the guests to play pétanque (not for other sports/purposes).
  • The patch of grass by the jeu de boules lane is meant for playing and there are two picnictables.


  • Smoking is not allowed inside, as this will harm the quality of the living evironment permanently. In case, the deposit will always be withheld.
  • On the terraces and in the garden smoking is allowed. Please use an ashtray to avoid ashes and butts dropping on the floor.


  • At the very least the accommodation should be tidied, the dishes washed and the fridge emptied. The garbage should be sorted in the correct bins outside.
  • The rest of the cleaning is taken care of by the proprietors for the sum of 150 EUR.


  • The central thermostat operates automatically, so please do not manipulate it.
  • You can regulate the heating per room with the thermostatic valve on the radiator (between 1 = minimum and 5 = maximum).
  • We count on it that you turn the heating on 1 when you open doors or windows.

Household refuse

  • Refuse is to be sorted in: general refuse (including leftovers), paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and tins, glass.
  • In the shed by the cobbled square you will find rubbish bins where you can dispose of the sorted refuse.